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We have settled in a magnificent park overlooking the city, with our caravans, Big Top, washing on the line and Garden gnome.

We sometimes forget that all those little things that are part of our daily life can be considered a bit messy !

Here we are, Prague ! Superb and amazing city with its spectacular buildings and monuments. It’s here at our feet at the end of the little path that leads from the park to the center.

« Letni Letna », that’s the name of the festival. In the programme among 2 headliners, you find bare footed Galapiat and its show « Risque zérO ».

My friends, if only you could see that ! Actually, some of you do. We have friends and realtives visiting us and sharing slices of life with us.

Passes must be worn at all times ! The rule is the rule, the guards at the entrance are there to remind us. It’s true we are not that used to that…

And what about all our friends and relatives, who is going to be responsible for them ? It’s true we haven’t thought of telling the festival about our visitors… We don’t really agree when we are asked to make our visitors go the camping ground…

We explained to the directors of the festival « If we can’t have our friends and relatives visit us on tour be it here or elsewhere, we don’t get to see them. That’s our home, that’s how we live. »

12 performances ahead of us. A circus marathon. There’s going to be some more sweating under the Big Top, (almost) every day at 9 pm until september 2nd.

It’s a bit cooler here than in Hungary.

On the programme : between 2 performances, we’ll try to discover the thousands of churches on foot, by boat or pedalo !

Letni Letna Festival starts tonight ! One, two, three… start !!!


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