That’s what we are here for !

French, Spanish

Last night, I plunged into the heart (heat) of the Big Top to see « Risque zérO » again.

Once again, I understood what we’re here for, what we travel around the world for, what we eat « Hungarian cassoulet » at lunch for, what we write a travel diary for, why people are so pleasant with me when I have a drink in the evening.

Why ?

Because all throughout the show, and even later in the night, the people that have been in the Big Top get out full of energy, foolishness, joy, want to scream out loud and live fully !

Why ?

Hard to say. It has nothing to do with the perfection of prowess. There’s always something that doesn’t work and we would be disappointed otherwise. Better not ask ourselves too many questions, no use taking the risk of establishing a theory or magical words. Let’s say it’s luck, a lot of work and mystery of life that do the trick !

There’s no room for everyone in the Big Top. When the « door » opens, people run to their seat as if even once inside, it’s not a done deal !

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